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Novachi attends FETC 2012

January 11, 2012 at 9:56 pm | News | 1 comment


Novachi is proud to announce that we will be attending the 2012 Florida Education Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida. The annual conference, which takes place January 23-26th, is a much awaited opportunity for educators and technology professionals to come together and discuss the future of K-12 education.
Every year FETC stands as a focal point for the latest and greatest in the field of education technology, as vendors and educators clamor to see what talents and technologies repeat Race to the Top winner, Florida, lures to the conference.
This year, Novachi, who took the education community by storm last year with the release of the free Student Information System (SIS), will be unveiling a new project, Novachi 2.0. While many were wowed by last years SIS offering, this year Novachi stands to turn heads even further with what they are calling the worlds first true Integrated Education System (IES).
Novachi 2.0 is both a marketplace, and a single sign-on Integrated Education System (IES). It gives educators of all levels and borders a framework with which to review, select, and connect to their education data systems of choice. Novachi 2.0 integrates these systems in the background, and allows access to these information systems from anywhere via the cloud.

As an example of Novachi 2.0′s capabilities, Novachi will be demonstrating how they have integrated Novachi SIS with the wildly popular open source LMS, Moodle. The demonstration shows how Novachi can combine various technologies while using a Single Sign On Solution (SSO).

The conference will include keynote speeches by highly recognized industry professionals, breakout sessions and workshops designed to help you understand how technology can improve your schools, and provide access to solution providers like Novachi.
Novachi can be found at booth #156, so stop by to find out how Novachi can increase your student’s achievement levels, reduce your costs across the board, and bring your school into the digital age.

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